"I am worthy" focuses on student athletes who struggle with their academics. The goal of this program is to provide educational tools needed to improve in their studies. Grades are reviewed bi-weekly and participants that meet or exceed standards can then qualify for the "I Can" program. In addition to educational support, financial assistance is then provided to participate in an organized sport of their choice.

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Lunch & Learn mentors go to local schools to share lunch and teach life skills with the students. Mentors provide the lunch and the wisdom to help guide these students as they grow. Weekend picnic lunches are also an option for those participants only available on weekends.

Our current curriculum includes:

Proper Manners, Accountability & Responsibility, Dining Etiquette, Goal Setting, Time Management, Healthy Habits & Fitness

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The "I Can" program provides student athletes with a financial assistance to get involved in an organized sport. Thanks to our generous donors we are able to cover uniforms and registration fees. Donors are encouraged to visit with program participants at games or practices!

The program is utilized to establish a program of change in the young person's life. The mission is to encourage goal-setting, self-discipline, and skill development that improves the young person's sense of hopefulness.

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